We are the People of the Kiamichi Wilderness and we are One.

      One Wilderness - One People - One Responsibility

What does “We are the People of the Kiamichi Wilderness” mean? 

From the most basic levels, this means that we all are the people of the Kiamichi Wilderness. Whether you are lucky enough to live in the KW, or you can only visit from time to time, we ALL are the people of the Wilderness. There should be no distinction between weekenders and full time residents, between a landowner who lives in Colorado to a landowner who lives on their property. We are all the people of the Kiamichi Wilderness and we need to respect each for the many great things that each individual brings to the Wilderness.

What does “We are One” mean? Somehow, someway we came to own at least one piece of the 800 or so platted lots that make up the Kiamichi Wilderness. It could have been passed down from one generation to the next, or we could have discovered the beauty of the land and purchased a lot because of that. We all have options as to where we could be a landowner as there are many places that you could have purchased land or you could sell and buy someplace else. We have all made a choice to own land here. Each landowner may have different reasons for being a land owner here but the fact is that we are and continue to be one. "We are One" is intended to mean that we are united as a specific community that chooses to own land here and wants what is best for the Land as well as our fellow landowners.

What does “One Wilderness” mean? One Wilderness means that the Kiamichi wilderness is a distinct piece of land with distinct boundaries. It is not the outlying area or Moyers or Antlers. It is acreage called “the Kiamichi Wilderness” that was platted in the 70’s.

What does “One Community mean”?. This means that there is a separation between the Land and the people who own and visit. We are neighbors and many times friends. We are the husbands and wife’s, the sons and daughters and the relatives that are our inner circle. And as part of the Kiamichi Wilderness society, we have a social bond that enhances the reasons that we love living in the wilderness or visiting the property that we own.  This is where memories are made. We are the Community of the Kiamichi Wilderness.

And lastly, what does “One Responsibility” mean?  It means that each of us are a steward of the land that is called the Kiamichi Wilderness, and we have certain responsibilities to the Wilderness. We are the protectors of this land and it is our responsibility, and no one else’s, to ensure that the wilderness is viable from a fiscal perspective, a road and transportation perspective and a Health and Services perspective. Make no mistake that keeping the Wilderness Wild is everyone’s goal. We all have reasons that we are landowners but the number one for most is that it is Wilderness. It is not a City with paved roads for example. Or a place where there are grocery stores two blocks away.

There is a balance that must be maintained such as passable main artery roads, a viable volunteer fire department, security as can be afforded and a helipad in case of injury, illness or worse. None of us want to see trash left on the roads or unpassable bridges where no one can get to their property without hiking for miles. In the perfect world, each landowner would be looking out for each neighbor. Each community member would be participating in cleanups and fix ups. And each person that visits would leave the Wilderness a little better than when they got there each time they left. Furthermore, each community member would understand that it is to their and everyone’s benefit to support the Kiamichi Wilderness Landowners Association and KW Volunteer Fire Department.  You do this by paying yearly dues and participating on committees and organized civic events.

Without landowners paying their dues, the KWLA is handcuffed in trying to provide needed maintenance for the roads and facilities. Without Landowners paying Dues, we cannot afford to have Security at the gate.  Without paying KWVFD dues, we cannot have the needed equipment to combat fires which could otherwise be controlled. As importantly, without dues payers, you son or daughter, husband or wife, or friend could be injured in an accident or fall ill and there would be no one with training to help you in your time of need or no quality roads to get to them. Or there may not be a place for a helicopter to land to quick lift the person to the nearest hospital. One responsibility means that it is all Everyone’s responsibility to support the Organizations that help keep the wilderness wild, safe and clean and to do their part to protect the place we love.