First thoughts - Blog post one



Hello everyone, We have come a long way in the couple of months since the new Board was formed.  We have scheduled and held numerous Board calls which we feel have been very successful.  I have been integrated into the Board as have Alan Arnold and Thomas Lowe.  We have worked hard along with Chuck Gross, Warren Senecal and Terry Wright in order to define how things are run and organize our efforts for everyones benefit.  While I never thought that I would be spending as much time as I have working on things, I am glad that I raised my hand when asked and can help make a difference.  

I fully understand that change is difficult for some but I hope that we all understand that the old ways of doing things are not always the best ways.  Sometimes they are and other times they are not.  This is true in life and it is also true here.  There are some who have voiced displeasure that we created a new Web site.  There are some that have voiced displeasure because a new Board monitored Facebook group was started for the Kiamichi Wilderness Landowners Association as well as the KW Volunteer Fire Department.  I and we hope that one day those who express displeasure look in the mirror to try to understand the reason why.  Can we agree that this new website is more informational and has a better look than the old one?

I want to make it clear that the new website as well as the new Board Facebook sites are not controlled by any one person, as was the case with the other pre-exising sites.  This website is for the people of the Kiamichi Wilderness as are the Official Facebook groups.  As Board members come and go, they will become Administrators and/or Moderators and those who are no longer Board members will have their adminisrative rights modified or removed.  Furthermore, we have never asked someone to choose to be a member of only one group.  Be a member of as many as you like.

To conclude, we look forward to contunuing our progress from a Board level and we welcome more and more community involvement from you and all of your neighbors.  In the best of all worlds, we have representation from Landowners in all phases as that is the very best way to understand the wants and needs of each area.  The members of the Board are not paid to do what we do but we do it because we want to help.  And help us help you. 

I ask that you please be on our side, helping us achive the goals that were created by communicating with as many Landowners as possible. We are a new Board and we as Board members cannot succeed without your support.  If someone from a past Board did something to upset you, that was them, and not us.  We ask that you give us the benefit of the doubt just like you would want if you were us.  Last, but not least, because it is so important, please financially support our efforts by paying your dues and donating your time and energy.  

Neil Medwed and the KWLA Board.