Please consider joining a Committee

The more community involvement, the better

There are four permanent committees per our By-Laws.  There is a Road Committee, a Security Committee, a Fundraising Committee and a Wildlife Committee.  Each Committee is headed up by a Board Member who acts as the Liaison for the Board.   

For the KWLA to truly understand the wants and needs of the landowners, we seek community participation in each of these committees.  In the best of all worlds, we would have representation from members in all three phases of our community.  

This is a great way to make a positive difference on our community and also a great way to get to know your neighbors.  PLEASE CONSIDER joining one of our committees.  To do so, please reach out to one of the Board members or email  

P.S.  We also have Board openings every once in a while so if you have an interest in joining the Board, please email or reach out to a current Board member or email

Here are the current Board Liaison's for each committee

Road Committee                  Charlie Gross

Security Committee             Alan Arnold

Wildlife Committee              Tom Lowe

Fundraising Committee       Neil Medwed