2017 Financials

Below are the latest quarters Financial Statements for the Kiamichi Wilderness Landowners Association.  Feel free to review them and if you have any questions, please ask.  

This shows the financial situation as of the time listed and describes what your dues are being used for.  IT IS IMPERATIVE that as many Landowners as possible pay their yearly dues as  possible.  You will see that the majority of the dues that we collect goes to keeping the roads maintained (as best as we can afford). The second largest variable cost is paying for Security.   We all want passable roads and decent security so please do your part.

We also must start building a fund to replace the Old road equipment that we have.  And we are looking for donations to help support that.  If you are able to help as some have in the past in donating money, land or equipment, please let a Board member know. 

Please stay Current with your dues to support the KWLA and Volunteer Fire Dept.

         Please note that we are updating the way that the financials are reported.  This new report was run through June, 2017.