How to pay Dues to the Organizations that support our Community

If you are a Landowner, please do your part by paying yearly dues to both the KWLA and the KW Volunteer Fire Department.  KWLA dues are only $150 per year and support the required upkeep.  The KW VFD dues are only $35 and allow us to have the equipment and personnel nearby when needed (and also lowers your insurance rates)

There are many ways to stay current.  You can mail your dues to:

Kiamichi Landowners Association

PO Box 100

Moyers, OK 74557

(Please put your Lot number on the Check).

You can also pay by Pay Pal by clicking a link below

If you need to know when your dues need to be paid, or want to schedule to meet a Board member in person to pay dues, please email

An advantage of being a current Dues Payer is that our Security Person tries to check Dues Payers Cabins on a regular basis.  This in itself for many is a reason to pay dues.