We have temporarily taken off the dues payers list as we update it.  We need everyone to support the KWLA by paying their dues.  

>> If your dues are current, or you are not sure if your dues are current, and you want to PAY NOW to be sure that they are up to date, we will add the newly paid dues to the end date of your current dues and add the time onto the record.  WE COULD CERTAINLY USE THE FUNDING.  You can also email President@kiamichiwilderness.netto ask what the records show.  And please bear with us as we do our best to bring things up to date.

An advantage of being a current Dues Payer is that our Security Person tries to check Dues Payers Cabins on a regular basis.  This in itself for many is a reason to pay dues.

This Section has a download link to the Land Owners list per the records that we have found or been given.  It also lists current dues paying members per the day that we update it with the best information that we have. 

These lists are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate and are not updated daily.  If your contact information has changed, the land that you own has changed, you have a queston as to when your dues need to be paid or if you want your name removed from the Land list, please email President@kiamichiwilderness.net.