KWLA Security - Please remember that it is your yearly dues that help pay for these Security services - Less dues payers means less security

Security Information

Dewey Grace is the security officer. If you are a dues payer and need to speak to him for a non-emergency, please email or the older address of or you  can reach out to a Board member. 

If you have a problem of a criminal nature, please call the Push County Sheriff first at 580-298-5475 as they are the Legal authority.

Because of the remoteness of property in the KW, we suggest that you do what you can to secure your property.  We also suggest that you install a Surveillance Solution for use on your property.

For identification purposes, please make sure to identify your cabins with a name and/or unit number.

Security is everyones responsibility.  Please keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity & please report it to our security officers or the Sheriff.

The telephone number for the Sherrif's Office is 580-298-5475.   

Please put this number in your contact list in case you ever need it quickly.

Feel free to email